Sweet Jack is 6 Months Old | Fargo-Moorhead Children's Photographer

Mr. Jack man. I couldn't love you more! You gave me a few snuggles in-between taking photos and I just LOVED it. It makes me miss the days when my little man would just melt into me! Now he is a wild boy. HA! Tell mom and dad to hold on to that feeling as long as they can because before we know it you will have grown into a lovable toddler that just wants to run away. ;} Thanks for our fun times and all those awesome expressions you gave me!!  

xoxo Kari

Baby Billy {William} | Fargo-Moorhead Newborn Photographer

Handsome little Billy was such a treat to photograph! At a 9 days old he was so good and I am pretty sure he smiled like 20 times, but of course my camera wasn't up to my face fast enough to catch them all. Mom and dad were SO adorable and sweet and there isn't enough words to describe how much love they have for their baby boy. I can't thank them enough for letting me be a part of that joy in their lives!!

Photographing newborn babies is seriously my favorite and one of my biggest passions. I love all of my sessions, but if I ever had to choose just one type of session to do for the rest of my life it would be snuggling and taking photos of babies all day every day!!! Newbie babies are all so different, but you can't deny that they all smell like heaven. Seriously. Try smelling their tiny little heads. But make sure you know the baby first... It would be pretty awkward to go smell a strangers baby. LOL Give me baby snuggles anytime anywhere and I am a happy girl. #givemeyourbabies

xoxo Kari

These Girls! | Fargo-Moorhead Children's Photographer

I have been so excited to share this session here with you all!! These girls rock. Big sister, Miss Liv, was the first baby girl that I started doing daycare for and I can't even believe how she has grown!! So whitty and a total actress and such an zest for life! It's crazy to think that 10 years ago she was just a tiny little babe only 3 months old when I first took care of her!  And Miss Harper. Oh my word this girl! So cheerful and adventurously engergetic! Maybe that's the red head in her?? There was NEVER a dull moment with these two. I can't even tell you how much fun we all had, but I think its pretty obvious when you see the photos we took. Not to mention how adorable they both are. They may have even brought out my snorting laugh.... just maybe. ;} Thanks ladies {and mom!} for being some of my favorite models!!!! I just cant even with these two!! 

PS... I could have shared their entire session here because I loved ALL of it!!! haha

When you are laughing so hard you literally can't even! I was laughing about as hard as them. It was awesome.

xoxo Kari

Happy Harry | Fargo-Moorhead Children's Photographer

Mr. Harrison always melts my heart. I just adore this little boy and watching him grow has been SO amazing and wonderful. I have had the privilege of photographing this little mans entire family since before his big sister was born and I have known his mommy since high school! He has one of the sweetest families too. 

I feel like have to caption the above photos.... "Who me?"

When the photographer wants you to pose with your hands in your pocket and your mom puts a snack in your pocket and you can't get it out. It can get a little frustrating guys.

xoxo Kari

Jonah | Fargo-Moorhead Newborn Photographer

You have NO idea how happy this makes my heart. I can't get enough of this session!! The red hair, the sweetest smiles and the beautiful family these three make?!? Just pure love for everything about this session. Mom and Dad are an amazing wedding photographer duo called Manstrom Photography out of Grand Forks and also friends of mine that I met through the wonderful group of photographers!! Check them out after you look at all of their adorableness!  

xoxo Kari

The Andeway's | Fargo-Moorhead Family & Child Photographer

This was a great way to start of my 2017! These girls are full of energy and so fun. We had done a one year session for little sis and she really wasn't having much of it, but this time around {6 months later} I think we got a lot more from her! Big sis turned 4 and gave me so many great smiles and how can you not be excited around happy kiddos?!? And good golly these girls have some gorgeous baby blues!!!

PS I totally know its been FOR.EV.ER that I have blogged, but lets not go there! HA!

xoxo Kari

Meet Brea | Fargo-Moorhead Children's Photographer

Everyone, meet Beautiful Brea. Just over a month ago I got a phone call from Brea's mom asking me about photographing her daughter. She told me that it wouldn't be your typical session and her sweet little girl has a rare genetic terminal disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome, Type A that she was diagnosed with at age 3. Mom really needed to update her photos and has one photo that she just adores of her daughter, but capturing one at home was just a little difficult as Brea doesn't stop moving. So after talking, we decided on a date and got to have some fun on a wonderful Tuesday evening! I can't tell you how awesome it was to be able to meet them!! Tricia {Mom} is truly one of the super-mom's of the world and she does "mommyhood" beautifully. I can't thank her enough for letting ME be the one to photograph her sweet girls. I can't forget to mention how amazing her sister is too. She couldn't have been more wonderful, patient, kind and all that you hope for in raising a daughter. Not to mention she is a beautiful girl just like the other girls in her family! 

Brea's mom, Tricia wrote this about her sweet girl in a flyer she made about Sanfilippo:

"Brea is 6 years old, and is the youngest of 5 children. She was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A, at 3 years old. She has deeply touched the hearts of everyone in her family as well as everyone she meets. Her laughter is contagious, and her smile will melt your heart. If you are lucky enough to receive a “warm hug”, it quite possibly is the best feeling in the world."

You can check out this video on YouTube too. Very inspirational, but grab a box of kleenexes! I didn't make it through with dry eyes!!

What is Sanfilippo Syndrome?  It is a rare genetic terminal disease. There are 4 types:  A,B,C, and D. Type A occurs in every 1 out of 70,000 births.  Both parents must carry the same recessive gene to pass it down. If both parents are carriers, the children have a 25% chance of having the disease. Their bodies are lacking the necessary enzyme needed to break down and metabolize long chains of sugar molecules called, Glycosaminoglycans. Since their bodies cannot break them down, they store in virtually every cell in their body. As the buildup continues, it eventually destroys the cell, and over time will shut down their organs and central nervous system. Their immune systems are compromised and have difficulty fighting off infections. The years of pain and suffering they go through are heartbreaking to think about. Everything they gain, they slowly lose. Typically, speaking is the first to go, along with the ability to walk and swallow. They have joint pain, as it affects their bones and joints, and will soon be faced with seizures and involuntary movements, until the end of life. Sanfilippo Syndrome acts somewhat similar to a child’s Alzheimer’s. The average life expectancy is 10-20 years.  Currently, there is no cure…

It breaks my heart to know that there is no cure out there yet, but.... THERE IS HOPE! There are many treatment options in the pike at this time, and a couple of enzyme replacement treatment trials have started on a group of the younger children, under age 4, for type A.  Type B is also running a trial, with a few children. Recently, Gene Therapy, which has the most promise, has been approved to start a clinical trial at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. There will only be 6-9 kids accepted, as it extremely costly to treat just one child. Parents and foundations have united together to raise funds to help treat more children, and hopefully be able to help save more lives. Team Sanfilippo is using funds raised, to help fund these trials, and help with future research and others trials for the future. Time is critical, as these children don’t have time to wait… Please visit: teamsanfilippo.org  for more information.


xoxo Kari

You Guys. Rhett Is ONE! | Fargo-Moorhead Family & Child Photographer

People, I am seriously so blessed with my job! The first time I met little Rhett and his Dads was Rhett's first ever photo shoot as a brand new babe!! I have been able to watch him grow from newborn, to six months AND his final adoption to one whole year of his life. It has been such a wonderful and joyful experience that I hope to continue as long as I can!! He has done so well and continues to be a little model still! Thanks to his awesome Daddies for letting me be a part of such an amazing year long journey and here is to many more amazing years to come!

xoxo Kari

Momma & Her Boy | Fargo-Moorhead Mommy & Me Photographer

Nope. I can't get enough of this session. These two are WAAAAYY too adorable. Not only is Mom {Lindsay} a wonderful mommy and amazing wife, she is a very talented photographer too!! Totally go check out Lindsay's work too!! We have become friends through the wonderful world of Fargo/Moorhead photographers and I really can't say enough good things about her or her sweet family. Mr. Connor is just a little love and his little voice just melts the heart.

Oh and the stars aligned this day. The people, location, timing and light was PER.FEC.TION. with all the trees blooming this spring!!

Did I mention that all THREE of my crazy {and for the most part, VERY patient} kiddos were there too?? Yes, we went back and forth taking photos of eachother! When you have awesome and fun photographer friends it only makes sense. ;} Thanks Lindsay for the fun time!!! 


We snuck in a few of Daddy with these two AND Grandma and Grandpa. 

xoxo Kari

Duke & His First Photo Shoots | Fargo-Moorhead Fresh 48 & Newborn Photographer

I was so excited when I got the call that I would be able to go meet sweet little Duke! I arrived at the hospital room and knocked and was greeted with the sweetest mom and dad and a beautiful baby boy with a FULL head of DARK hair!!! They let me hold this little man and I had to take a big whiff of the best smell in the world. BRAND NEW BABY! Seriously. Nothing beats this sweet smell! Duke was all about wanting to eat during our time, but we got some pretty wonderful bonding moments caught on camera. He also did pretty good for his newborn session at the studio too. Thanks guys for your love and your handsome young babe!

This could be my favorite newborn handmade set. That tail! 

I LOVE the three generations photo too... Its so wonderful to see the love!

xoxo Kari