These Girls! | Fargo-Moorhead Children's Photographer

I have been so excited to share this session here with you all!! These girls rock. Big sister, Miss Liv, was the first baby girl that I started doing daycare for and I can't even believe how she has grown!! So whitty and a total actress and such an zest for life! It's crazy to think that 10 years ago she was just a tiny little babe only 3 months old when I first took care of her!  And Miss Harper. Oh my word this girl! So cheerful and adventurously engergetic! Maybe that's the red head in her?? There was NEVER a dull moment with these two. I can't even tell you how much fun we all had, but I think its pretty obvious when you see the photos we took. Not to mention how adorable they both are. They may have even brought out my snorting laugh.... just maybe. ;} Thanks ladies {and mom!} for being some of my favorite models!!!! I just cant even with these two!! 

PS... I could have shared their entire session here because I loved ALL of it!!! haha

When you are laughing so hard you literally can't even! I was laughing about as hard as them. It was awesome.

xoxo Kari