Baby Billy {William} | Fargo-Moorhead Newborn Photographer

Handsome little Billy was such a treat to photograph! At a 9 days old he was so good and I am pretty sure he smiled like 20 times, but of course my camera wasn't up to my face fast enough to catch them all. Mom and dad were SO adorable and sweet and there isn't enough words to describe how much love they have for their baby boy. I can't thank them enough for letting me be a part of that joy in their lives!!

Photographing newborn babies is seriously my favorite and one of my biggest passions. I love all of my sessions, but if I ever had to choose just one type of session to do for the rest of my life it would be snuggling and taking photos of babies all day every day!!! Newbie babies are all so different, but you can't deny that they all smell like heaven. Seriously. Try smelling their tiny little heads. But make sure you know the baby first... It would be pretty awkward to go smell a strangers baby. LOL Give me baby snuggles anytime anywhere and I am a happy girl. #givemeyourbabies

xoxo Kari