On A Personal Note | F-M Photographer

Hey guys, it's me!

So my life has been busy with lots of things going on lately! Summer is FLYING by. We have been so lucky to have friends and family stay with us and hang out with us in the past few weeks and there is more summer craziness coming up. But instead of writing a bunch about how fun its been and how much I love ALL of these people, I think I will show you. ;}

Como Zoo Fun with our good friends from CO!! 

A little piece of paradise - AKA My mom and dad's lake place.  :}

Our good friends from Portland, OR

He {Jace} owns an awesome food truck there... If you are ever there go check out Fried Egg I'm In Love. Then you can thank me later. ;}

xoxo Kari

Blue Eyes Bria + Her Family | Fargo-Moorhead Family & Child Photographer

THOSE EYES. Seriously! Not only does Bria have some of the most beautiful blue eyes, but her mom and dad have them too!!! 

I was SO excited that we could meet up for photos! It is always a bit of a challenge because dad is a farmer and is busy working in the fields in the spring so we have to be a little spur of the moment sometimes. ;} I Couldn't be happier with how this session went. Miss Bria was so good considering the wind and the cool temps. Exploring and running around the orchard may have been her favorite things to do, but she really loved being the one to click a few photos on my camera too... she even got a great one of mom!! Some might even say she is a budding photographer! Or else she just really likes to press buttons ;}

Thanks Kuehl family for the fun evening!!

xoxo Kari

The Anderson's | Fargo-Moorhead Family & Child Photographer

BAH! Beautiful people in a beautiful location makes for some pretty ridiculously beautiful photos!! My friend and studio partner {"co-worker"} Traci from Traci Adamson Photography met me out in the apple orchard the other day. Its safe to say that we had some fun and were able to get some really good smiles and a lot of their little Elsie sticking her tongue out. :}

Sweet Elsie is definitely a busy-body, but she did take a few breaks to stop and smell the flowers. I can't get enough of the love that mom and dad have for their baby girl. It just makes me so happy to see these three together! I have known Traci for just over 6 years now and I have been able to see her grow into a loving wife and mommy.  I am blessed to have such wonderful friends. 

xoxo Kari

Jason + Jessamy = THREE | Fargo-Moorhead Gender Reveal Photographer

I can't even hold in my excitement for these two!!! I have known both of them for quite some time, but Jason's sister is one of my besties from grade school so we go way back. ;}

It was SOO much fun to be a part of this adorable gender reveal!! They came up with this idea and executed it PERFECTLY! {with the help of Jason's sister} They had NO idea what they were having and they surprised not only themselves with the news, but lots of family and good friends!

Thanks you two for letting me be a part of it all and I have to say that I was on the right team!!

Great-Grandpa just knew it would be a girl! 

xoxo Kari

Emily + Abe | Fargo-Moorhead Child & Family Professional Photographer

I consider Emily a friend and a "co-worker." She is another Photographer in the FM area! Emily of Emily Koska Photography and I decided we wanted to do a headshot swap so of course we met up among the gorgeous blooming apple trees! This is one of the fun parts of having photographer friends... you can just decide one day that you and your friend need to go take pictures of each other! HA. She is sweet as can be and with her adorable little man {I can't get over his blonde-as-can-be curls and beautiful blue eyes} running around picking flowers for mommy it gave us enough time to get things done. ;} Thanks lady for the fun time!!

xoxo Kari

Bodee + His Family | Fargo-Moorhead Child & Family Photographer

Gosh Bodee you really get me with those amazing blue eyes and your sweet little baby locks. I don't blame mommy for never wanting to cut your hair!! I wouldn't want to either!! 

You and your entire family are so fun to hang out with. I also think I learned a few new dance moves at the end of your session when we pretty much had a mini dance party... and your big brother really has those YouTube dance video moves down! ;} 

Mom and Dad you have been blessed with 3 very sweet and handsome little men!!

xoxo Kari

Miss Kylin Is Two | Fargo-Moorhead Child Photographer

Girly, you have quite the head on your shoulders! You are sweet, sassy, smart and oh so adorable. Miss Kylin you melt my heart!! 

This free spirited babe is the daughter to one of my best friends in the whole world and I had SO much fun with them!! I may have shared almost the entire gallery, but it was so hard to pick just a few... ;}

xoxo Kari