Olivia | 2 Years

I have known this awesome Family since Mom was pregnant with big sister SEVEN whole years ago!!! CRAZY how time flies... I just love them all. They all have such different personalities and love to have fun. 

THIS GIRL IS JUST A DOLL!! Miss Olivia is such a peanut compared to her big brother and big sister. I think she has the most energy out of all of them ;} I have to say though, ever since she has been able to care who is around her she has always liked me and I think that is pretty special!! She also adores her friends Anna and Ella {my girls} and I think that is pretty darn cute too!!! 

Big sister is so sweet and is ALL GIRL. Always fashionable and ready to pose for me.

Big brother is soo his dad and is a total BOY. He goes about a mile a minute and I think he is my girls boyfriend. HA! {Did I mention Mom is our daycare provider??}

Thanks guys for always being such a great family!!!

Until next time.... {tomorrow morning} 


xoxo Kari