Homemade Dye and Stained Hands | Easter Part ONE

Our day started off right with a trip to the walk-in for me and Anna. I came out with just a sinus infection and my super brave girl had a chest x-ray and had pneumonia. Then we had a 7 hour drive back to my hubby's home town of Sidney, Montana to see LOTS of family. We were all very happy to get there and cuddle a little bit with grandma and grandpa before going to bed.

Dying eggs was one of my favorite things to do around Easter as a kid and I am pretty sure my girls liked it too... we came out alright with just a few stained fingers. It is always so much fun to be back with Grandma and Grandpa. 

The many faces of my Ella Bean.

The many faces of my Ella Bean.

xoxo Kari