Henry 1 & Jack 2 | 1 Year Twins & Cake Smash

These little guys just crack me up! I had so much fun with them and I can't wait for big sister's photos!!!! One did NOT enjoy photos as much as the other, but I still think they are cute even if they cry ;} They both really like Mommy and its hard to just start posing for the camera especially when the camera lady isn't Mom!! 

Thanks guys for giving me a few laughs. I really enjoyed watching you destroy your cakes!!! :}

PS You can't see it here, but the cakes actually had blue cotton candy to look like Thing 1 and Think 2 hair... ADORABLE. 

The secret to these cake smash sessions is totally easy... the cakes are AH-MAZING... That is TOTALLY how I feel when I have one of these cakes in front of me! I totally want to dig right in... I don't of course... unless no one is watching ;}  If you need a cake just give me a jingle or e-mail and I will send you my cake lady's contact info!!! BEST $$ you will EVER spend on cake. Seriously. Just ask half the clients that try the cakes and have called her to make one for other occasions. I call her for ALL of my cake needs :}


xoxo Kari