They will always be mine.

Welcome to my super awesome, really fun, crazy happy NEW blog!!!

For this being my VERY FIRST time blogging I thought it was appropriate to be a little about me and my family.

I can't imagine my life without these two little sweet cheeks. It seems like I have blinked and all of a sudden my babies turned into toddlers and then I blinked again and they are little girls. It is incredible how fast they have grown and how much my love for them has grown. They are so different too. Me {and my hubby} are incredibly lucky to have been given such wonderful little people. Don't get me wrong we have our days and we fight, but there is no question about how much love we have for each other.   


There will be MANY MORE sessions to blog and things to talk about, but for now it is past midnight and I am headed to bed. Goodnight all!