The Thormodson's | Family of Four

I love these people. They live two houses away from me and I have loved seeing their girls grown. Miss Molly {big sister} does NOT like to stand in the grass... hence the chair. I can't believe this beautiful and smart little girl is a first grader this year... Time just needs to stop for a while. And then there is little Miss Hailey. What a cute little stinker! I mean that in the cutest and sweetest way ever though... like I would give her just about anything she wants when she gives me that adorable smile and even her pouty face is too cute. Mom and dad are pretty fun too...

A little tid bit about the awesome relationship we have with our neighbors... Cyndee {Mrs. T} and my hubby always joke that they will have a "10-key off" and who is the better accountant... that is yet to happen, but I sure need to document the occasion if it ever does! 

Really, Can her pout BE any cuter??

xoxo Kari