Welcoming 2018 with Sweet Madelyn | Fargo-Moorhead Children's Photographer

Oh my word. All of you sweet people out there have to check out how beautiful this baby girl is!! She showed me all the faces from really concerned to BIG happy smiles. I wanted to take her home with me after our session. Mom even took our photo together after we finished and Miss Madelyn even gave me some squishy baby cuddles. I LOVE my job SO MUCH!!! Enough of the chit chat though... here is my first session of 2018!


xoxo Kari

Welcome to the World Miss Masie | Fargo-Moorhead Birth Photographer

EEKKK! I am SOOOO excited to be able to share these photos with you all!! 

I can hardly describe the feeling of joy I have to capture the birth of a child. I am incredibly blessed to have the BEST job EVER. I have to thank these wonderful parents for letting me be a part of such a special and personal moment in their lives. The process a c-section is amazing. The doctors and staff at Sanford were so awesome and even helpful to not only mom and dad, but to me and really let me be in the moment and where I needed to be to get all these wonderful photos.

And now I will cut myself off and just let the photos do the talking! 


This image, especially in black & white may be my favorite. It is so easy to see there is an instant bond between mother and baby.


P.S. Did I tell you how excited I was to show you these images?!? haha I may have overshared, but there are SO many wonderful moments that I couldn't help sharing!

xoxo Kari

The Nesemeier's | Fargo-Moorhead Family Photography

This momma and her beautiful family are so awesome and I am lucky to have her as a studio partner. We went out to take some photos on whim because why not?!? I am sure I'll make her return the favor sometime, but for now I am totally having a blast editing these images! HA!

Miss Rowan is sure a little doll sitting on daddy's tummy... I LOVE this SO much!!!!

This is the way all couples should look at each other after 3 kids. Aren't they adorable?!?

xoxo Kari

Gorgeous Girls | Fargo-Moorhead Family Photography

This session was SO dreamy. I mean look at all of these beautiful ladies! This was a Mother's Day gift for Grandma. She couldn't wait to have some photos with her little girls!! We walked around the orchard and had such a fun time together. The girls were all dressed up in darling little dresses and mom and grandma got to snuggle close for some love. I am a little obsessed with the colors and the gorgeousness of it all!

xoxo Kari

Tim + Nicole + Family | Fargo-Moorhead Family Photography

ALL of my mini sessions in the apple orchard were amazing. Nicole sent me a message asking me to get some updated photos of her and her husband and their close family and I am so glad she did! This couple is nothing short of adorable and this was all too true about their family they brought along for the fun! Every single one of them was so excited and happy to be there and there was SO much love. We met in the orchard, which looked like heaven with so many apple trees in bloom, and finished our amazing night just before the sun went down. I couldn't have loved this session more and walked away with the feeling of pure happiness that we got some amazing photos captured of their beautiful family. 

xoxo Kari

William + Kilyn | Fargo-Moorhead Children's Photographer

If you saw the last post, then you will recognize these little models! William and Kilyn came back for some more photos and we had so much fun. We did two separate sessions because trying to get a 3 year old session and newborn session done at the same time isn't quite ideal. HA! I just love these kiddos dearly and I have a blast watching them grow up... Even if it is WAAAYY too fast!!

Welcoming Baby William | Fargo-Moorhead Fresh 48 Photographer

It is so awesome and wonderful when your bestie asks you to come to the hospital to take photos of her sweet family and her little girl meeting her new baby brother for the first time!!! 

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE doing birth and "freshie" sessions where everything is so exciting and new and there is so much love filling the room!! I am so honored that I got to be a part of this moment that their family will cherish forever.

Miss Kilyn is such a love bug and she was SO excited to meet her baby brother and by the photos you can tell how she absolutely fell in love with him the moment she saw him. It is amazing to see how much love one little girl can have in her heart for this tiny little baby. It makes my heart melt!

If you know me then you know my love for babies. I love being able to scoop them up and snuggle them and I can't even describe how amazing they smell. I have said it before, but those beautiful new little bundles smell like pure love!! I can't even handle it. Seriously, it just makes me melt into a puddle and I just want to sit and snuggle them for hours. Let's be honest... I could snuggle babies every day, all day. haha    

Welcome William. You are SO loved.

xoxo Kari

The Hanson's | Family Orchard Session

I was so excited when dad contacted me about a mini session for mom for Mother's Day. I think he may have had a hint from mom about it and I love that he did it! Adorable little Lincoln came to see me when he was just a newborn and it was so much fun to see all of them again. 

xoxo Kari

Niece & Nephew

These are my brother and sister-in-law's beautiful kiddos. I love them dearly. Poor little Lisbeth wasn't feeling the best on picture day though and ended up going in and she had pneumonia! She started out strong and was a trooper and we got through our session. Mr. Anders is just a little ham and is in to everything, but he was awesome and rocked it for photos!!

xoxo Kari