Kari Averett   |   Owner/ Photographer

My name is Kari Averett. I am the owner to this wonderful and amazing business. I have a caring, beautiful and very supportive family {An amazing husband, two smart and beautiful twin girls, and one extremely handsome 1 1/2 year old boy} cheering me on as I carry out my passion for photography. 
Choosing a photographer can sometimes be a daunting task. Just ask yourself one question... Is this photographer worth my investment? 
I like to focus on the “realness” of life. I LOVE bloopers and funny outtakes because that is what makes you YOU! You are beautiful and special. I treat my clients like my family. I respect you and I want you to feel happy that you came to me for what I do and for my style of photography. I love ALL of my clients. I especially love them for letting me be a big part of their fun, crazy, incredible, fabulous lives!